We are a team of creatives that express our interests and passions through the work we do for our clients. It makes us who we are and better at what we do. We love to develop brand strategies, identity systems, digital experiences, and social messaging. We seek to create collateral that achieves results and reaches the true potential of our craft. Our culture anchors us to a belief that we can weather any storm, win any battle, and overcome any obstacle that faces our clients. This philosophy is the driving force behind everything we do as a team and agency.

BBÄ is an experience-driven agency that is focused on working hand-in-hand to provide intuitive solutions to build a strong brand,  create memorable interactions, and raise awareness. We are passionate about enabling our clients to showcase their expertise, values, and company culture to foster a deeper connection and lasting relationships. We work within Design Thinking strategies to create tangible resources, solve potential issues, and give you the tools to build your business.

Our Vision Drives Choices

Our passions and aspirations to bring value to the clients we work with drives our decisions of who to work with and the projects we take on. We ask ourselves “can we be effective in creating change,” “how do we create value in what we are offering” and “is it fun!” Enjoyment of what we do and who we work with is a very large part of our criteria, just as much as the value we bring to our relationship with our clients.

A Mission To Create Value

To promote and propagate “Design Thinking” as a sustainable and valuable business practice through our creative process is our on-going mission. We empower our clients to become dynamic and creative thinkers as a way to identify and act on market opportunities to grow their companies. If you don’t evolve you risk becoming extinct.

Our Services

Branding & Identity

We craft, sculpt, create and otherwise design identities through brand strategy. Building better brands is what we do.

Digital Marketing

All things that promote, advocate, extol and raise up your company culture, reach and awareness.

Web Development

Building interactive solutions with UI/UX best practices, rich feature sets, and industry-standard platforms.

Consultation & Coaching

Our years of experience and work with a multitude of industries have given us expertise that we pass on to our clients.


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What they say


“Sean McDonald and the Bast team went above and beyond on our engagement. I’m starting up a new brand and product line and Sean’s been there every step of the way with me. I was nervous kicking off a product with a relatively large budget for my company, but Sean was worth every penny and helped me make the most out of my investment. Work with these people, if you get the chance!”
Sean Larkin – CEO/ Fighting Goat Soap Co.


“Bäst has been awesome to work with! They helped us with a site transition/rebuild that presented some challenges which they helped us work through to produce a website that can be managed more efficiently and allows us to be more dynamic with updates as we grow. Thanks guys…you are the Bäst!”
Jessica Mathews – Administrator & Mountain Guide / Bight Gear


“My most creative caffeinated colleague, Sean is, quite simply, a guru of graphic design. Having worked with him – and shamelessly sponged creative smarts from him – over the past several years on various marketing endeavors, I have great regard for his high level of experience and thorough, organized yet visionary approach to all aspects of design projects.”
Carrie Royce – Owner & Marketing Engineer / Nut, Bolt & Pixel

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