First-of-its kind Idaho factory nears completion of five-story San Jose, CA apartment building.

Just over two years since it broke ground, Autovol is now using automation in new ways as it nears completion of its first major affordable housing project. The project, Virginia Street Studios, will make high quality apartment homes more affordable to seniors in San Jose, one of America’s 10 most expensive cities.

First of its kind automate factory comes to Nampa—KIVI News 6

Autovol: a “first of its kind” automated manufacturing factory comes to Nampa NAMPA — If you’re driving along Star Road in Nampa over the next few months, you’ll start to notice some big changes; like a 400,000 square foot building going up near the cheese factory. If you’re driving along Star Road in Nampa over the next few months, you’ll…

New Nampa Factory to Crank Out Affordable Home Units—Boise Dev

Robot homes: large new Nampa factory to crank out affordable modular home units A large automated factory in Nampa plans to build modular affordable housing units. The $102.5 million project will crank out more than 1,600 units a year on a 52-acre site on Star Rd. Boise-based Prefab Logic is taking the lead on the venture, which will build apartments at the factory.…

Voluetric Modular Factory to be Led by Rick Mudock—Business Wire

Announcing Autovol, a First-of-Its-Kind Automated Volumetric Modular Factory to Be Led by Prefab Logic Co-Founder Rick Murdock BOISE, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prefab Logic, in conjunction with Autovol™ ownership, is leading the development of a revolutionary, first-of-its-kind factory that will set an entirely new benchmark for automated volumetric modular construction. The factory will be based in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, and will operate under…

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