During our consultation session, we often find our customers (both individuals and companies) need assistance creating a finalized detailed design concept, project plan, and need a fair amount of assistance with Design for Manufacturability.  For this reason, we start many projects with a Discovery Phase.  We believe taking the time to do the foundational research and create a plan is better than charging blindly into the process.

In our Strategy Planning phase, we’ll outline the project’s scope of work, list out all of the design features in words and sketches, create a plan and strategy for working through the product’s functional challenges, and create a budget and timeline to reach your goals. Completion of this phase provides a complete picture of what we believe it will take to accomplish your project goals. With the details of the project scope created, we move into the first round of detailed product design.

Throughout the design work, we’ll provide several progress updates as details are added and discoveries are made along the way.  We believe sharing the design’s progress early and often saves time and energy, avoids simple mistakes, and keeps you fully involved in the design’s direction and any necessary decision making that occurs as discoveries and challenges are encountered.

+ Tradeshow booths

+ Outdoor/Environmental

+ Installation & Signage

+ Packaging

+ Technology

+ Labeling & Wraps

+ Prototyping & POC

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