Fighting Goat Soap Co.


Fighting Goat Soap Company was born from personal experience. The founder, Sean Larkin, is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a former high school wrestler. As such, he’s battled ringworm and other mat funk as an athlete for many years.

Main Features

Branding & Identity

Brand strategy to include logo design, styles and usage, color palette and fonts.

Web Development

User experience and layout, information  and ecommerce design as well as funnel pages for membership campaign.

Social Connections

Social media, photo, meme styles and social media strategy.

Product Catalog

1st generation CBD product promotional catalog.

Labeling & Packaging

Soap wrappers, liquid, balm and salt bottle labels, care package design.

Alien Encounters

Everyone needs an effective cleansing soap!

Fight like a goat, don’t smell like one!

What they say

Fighting Goat Soap is a must!!

“I have tried many different soap companies and Fighting Goat is by far the best. The peppermint bar not only leaves my skin feeling clean and germ free, it also smells amazing! I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking for a soap that keeps you on the mats without the harshness of other products.”

I’m sold on this product!

“I have longish hair and was apprehensive about using a bar. No worries! It lathers well, rinses out completely and leaves my hair squeaky clean. As no product is coating my hair, it also dries quicker. I was surprised to find that I do not need conditioner anymore.”
Roz G.

Feels amazing!

“Not only does one bar of this soap last, it doesn’t leave behind that harshness or film on your skin that I have felt from other bar soaps. After an intense hot yoga workout, it felt awesome to shower off the grime with a minty fresh soap that smells so good and leaves you feeling nice and clean!”

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