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The Idaho Technology Council (ITC) Hall of Fame and Idaho Innovation Awards highlight the amazing work that has been part of Idaho’s past and the great innovations that are defining its future. The best and brightest technology and leadership talent in the state of Idaho will be showcased.

Every year the ITC inducts two new nominees into the ITC Hall of Fame. We created the Inspiring Innovation design for the HoF event which included the concept & brand palette, messaging, event program, banners, step-and-repeat, stage backdrop, and event advertising. The event was the largest in the history of the ITC and with the help of a great group of volunteers, it was also the most successful. We also worked closely with Micron, one of the ITC HoF sponsors, to promote the Legislative Reception at the new Zion Building.

Main Features

Branding & Identity

Brand strategy to include logo design, styles and usage, color palette and fonts.


Digital and print advertising for ITC and Gala event as well as Wall-of-Fame inductees.

Social Connections

Social media photo and meme styles and SMM strategy.

Event Program

ITC Hall of Fame inductee program and presentation.

Signage & Banners

Banners, backdrops, signage and event graphics designed for the ITC Gala and HoF  event.

Alien Encounters

Everyone needs an effective technology council!

Idaho Innovation Awards


“Sean McDonald was awesome to work with and very creative. He helped us work through our projects and provided a strong consultative approach to helping us generate a fantastic product. They were professional, engaging, timely, and wonderful.”

Jay Larsen – Managing Director/Idaho Technology Council

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