Rays for Rare


Branding Strategy & Design,
Collateral Development, Signage,
UI/UX & Website Development


Brand the merger of two non-profit organizations, Corwyn’s Cause, and Lucas House, to form Rays for Rare. The combined efforts are dedicated to advocacy and support for medically fragile children with rare diseases.


Develop a new brand around the mantra of “Light when skies are gray.” The idea of bringing light into the lives of the children and their families needed to be bright, uplifting and positive. Taking what we could from the previous organizations to bring continuity and continuation of the service and support to this community.


Rays for Rare launched the new organization at their annual Sunshine Gala with a full collateral packet in hand that included a new logo, business cards, letterhead, brochure, one-sheet, banners and popups as well as a new website and gala program to mark the event. They raised over $140, 000.

Our Story

Rays for Rare was founded in 2017. Here is the story behind the cause. Our son Corwyn was born with a rare brain malformation, he was medically fragile with many health issues. While in the hospital we found that charities visit, support, bring special visitors and comfort items. When we moved to care at home we found we were alone, no charities service families in their home. After our son passed away at home in November 2016 we decided this is a cause we would like to bring light to.

There are over 2,000 medically fragile children in our area. This number is growing as our community grows and advances in medicine continue. On the advocacy front, we are making great progress, we currently sit on a leadership committee at the children’s hospital to bring palliative care for pediatrics to our valley. We have helped form an organization of collaborating, forward-thinking individuals to bring progress on this front at a national level. We are a strong voice for these families who many at the moment are just trying to make it through each day.

Our Goals

~ Bringing uplifting support to medically fragile children and their families.

~ Providing respite through family support

~ Connecting families to additional resources in the community

~ Advocating for pediatric palliative and hospice care resources for children

~ Growing collaborative relationships with community partners

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